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Jan. 4th, 2008 | 08:06 am

Think I'm done playing FFXI, at least for now. No real epic reasons or anything to that effect, just ready for something else.

Finished out my final Omega last night with the Homam folks, wish them well in the future. Got some sweet drops, so that was nice to end on.

Congrats to Calysto on the body, we've been waiting a few months for another to drop. Grats to Shul and Rail too, hands are sweet imo.

And of course, a fitting skillup right before I logged out:

If you see Draxyl logged in, it's probably either Pettra or Mijin playing.

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Beastmaster 63!

Dec. 10th, 2007 | 09:20 am

Since Mijin helped me ding 61 I've been hitting up Caederva Mire pretty hard, went from 61-63 this weekend super fast. No wonder so many bst's say this is one of the best camps in the game, its pretty easy xp, no aggro, and right near town. Gonna be sad when I leave here at 64-65 for other TAU camps.

Mostly doing self chain4's here, having a hard time lining up chain 5 solo. I was able to hit that with a duo I did on Saturday though. Some random bst showed up to my camp, and he saw me and was going to head elsewhere - but being the nice guy I am, and enjoying the random duo's, I invited him to join me and we had a good time hitting constant #5's for an hour and a half or so.

Hit up Salvage w/ Nekki's group on Wednesday, had a somewhat decent time - more enjoyable than the first run anyhow. This run had more of a purpose, and maybe that's why I enjoyed it more. We ran up as fast as we could in order to spawn the Madame frog, and had a good time playing around with her. Figured out the fight mechanics after a few deaths, but we ended up timing out with her at 18%.

Not much in the way of Limbus updates this last week, I got pretty aggrivated on Monday's run and skipped Thursday with Mijin playing drax on monk. Need some chips for the next popset, so we'll be farming SW, NW, and NE this week.

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Dec. 5th, 2007 | 09:34 am

Weird title for this entry because I wanted to write down some technical shit I had to do last night in hopes Google will find it and it might help others, and I wanted to post some FFXI happenings as well.

First, I was trying to install a 750GB Seagate drive into my main file server, and I'm at the point where I have too many disks so I had to expand to a spare 2 port card - a Silicon Image 3112 SATA RAID card. Now, the bios on the card was somewhat out of date, and the machine was hanging on boot up right where it was detecting the 750GB drive. Just sitting there blinking a cursor. Obviously this card doesn't like playing with the new larger capacity drives...

Off I go to download the newest BIOS from the Silicon Image site, and their DOS flash update utility. Unfortunately, in order to flash the card I needed to make a DOS boot disk. You can do this on floppy, cdrom, or usbkey. I chose usbkey since I'm lazy, and I don't have a CDRom or floppy drive hooked up on the fileserver. HP actually makes a real nice USB key formatting app, so I snagged that and also the latest install for FreeDos. You just point the HP util to your FreeDos install BIN directory and it formats and makes the DOS boot partition for you. With the key done I had to move the card into a system that was USB bootable, and then I was set to do the update. Straightforward from there, boot up, run the flash updater, move the card back into the fileserver, and voila....no more hang when booting up.

Went out and farmed a Tungi on Saturday, got lucky and picked it up first time. NM was insanely easy to solo on thf, just kept him blinded and attack'd down and evaded a ton - never did get a hit in on me. After using the Tungi for a bit on BST I think I still prefer the Wrath tabar...a bit slower TP gain, but hits harder per strike and on WS. I was pulling hate off pets with the Tungi, since the DPS is higher than the tabar. Oh well, I'll keep it around for kicks and maybe prefer it in the next camp.

I've been doing lvl 60 at the tree, mostly been great xp so far - was a fast level. Using EM funguars and spiders vs T of the same. Got most of my level, and then Mijin was bored the other day and misses Asura, so he logged on Draxyl and I was logged off out there. He's never played BST, so he goofed off and teamed up with another BST out there, picked up my last 5k xp and dinged me into 61.

Now I think I'll move onto the Caederva Mire camp, and hopefully get some duo action out there. Seems to be a pretty popular BST camp, so I hope I don't step on any toes and I hope people are nice to me while I'm out there.

Supposedly going to do Salvage boss NM fight tonight, and I'll end up tanking on MNK I expect. We'll see if I enjoy it more than the previous Salvage run I did.

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Omega #17

Nov. 30th, 2007 | 08:37 am

Boo! No body drops continue, picked up 2x head and a Smalt (SE) chip:

Not entirely undesirable, some new members actually had 2 heads wishlisted, so grats to Imperial and Railieca on their head gear. This makes Imp 4/5, and he's not going for body so he's done. Guess we'll have to invite him on lolPup from now on for farming to maintain his interest :P

Cleaned up the wish lists a bit too, removed people that haven't shown up in a long time (soup, jersey, randoma) and nuked some folks that moved servers (mijin). Lines are shorter than ever now! :)

Tried some of this new fangled Salvage shit on Tuesday, my first ever run. Guess I'm one of the few that isn't all that into it. Part of it is, I know I don't want to spend time doing Assault for points just to go do Salvage...I'm trying to reduce my play time these days. Because of that, the gear from the zone isn't the huge carrot it should be, and I'm left just wanting to enjoy the experience - which frankly, I didn't enjoy. The textures in that zone give me a headache, and those crafty Easterners used the same repeating designs on every floor :( Sassi says the zone looks gorgeous and I'm incorrect, but I think it looks like ass and there is too much repetition.

Had some decent xp in the bit I played last night post-Limbus, which led to:

Ding. Got my sexy AF pants on now. Question for other bsts if you read this - anyone use the AF body over the Gaudy Harness? The +Charm doesn't seem worth it, I'd rather have the 3 chr.

Time to go farm a Tungi now, and then play around in the Boyahda.

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Why the Recording Industry is going down the tubes

Nov. 27th, 2007 | 01:48 pm

First, here's the link to the interivew in question, with Universal Music's CEO Doug Morris:


And here's my favorite quote, and reply, from off Techdirt:

To make matters even worse, Morris is so clueless that he chooses the worst possible analogy to explain his position. Lots of entertainment industry execs have thrown up their hands and ignorantly stated that "you can't make money from free." That's wrong, of course, but Morris takes it one step further up the ridiculous scale, with the following example: "If you had Coca-Cola coming through the faucet in your kitchen, how much would you be willing to pay for Coca-Cola? There you go. That's what happened to the record business." Hmm... and what is coming out of your faucet in your kitchen? That's right... water. And how much are people willing to pay for water? That's right, billions. In fact, it's a larger market than (oops) recorded music.

Anyone else find that absolutely hilarious? With a moron of that caliber helming the largest music companny, that doesn't even understand how much money people pay for the "experience" of drinking high quality water, it's no surprise to me that they can't figure out how to make money off the music "experience" instead of little plastic discs.

Good thing they can run to the government and get the laws changed to prop up their dying business model.

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Apollyon NE & NW

Nov. 27th, 2007 | 10:29 am

Not a fantastic run at NE last night, but we got the job done. Rdm/whm who was our main healer forgot to get soap, and realized it after we all zoned in. Had to rely on a blm/rdm and brd/whm to heal everyone, which mostly worked out ok but we did have a few deaths. I also caused a wipe on the pots floor by aggro'ing a pot as I pulled the doll...never knew those pots were aggressive, just always ran up and voked them. Evidently, they are not like normal pots lol :)

Got the clear though, and the pair of blm's we sent up NW killed off all the nq behemoths but didn't take out the boss - no big deal. Nice to get the added coins from NW even if we didn't get the chip. Oh, and Caly died because he forgot to zone up from the birds floor as our thf flee'd to the last time chest and zoned up...and didn't have RR. Shame on you Calysto! :P This completes the current pop set, so we've got an Omega to run on Thursday.

Took my coins and sold them last night, and picked up a Haub this morning for a nice 310k - price was too good to pass up. D. ingots are selling for like 450k on Asura, so the Haub market is just a little bit out of sorts right now with crafters dumping nqs. Time to xp some bst tonight and put it to use I guess, probably just head back to the Canal for the rest of 59, and I'll probably even stay there through 60 and then move to TAU at 61...though, then I'd skip the Boyahda tree, and I love that zone so much. I always wanted to play bst there, so I'll probably at least do some xp there, maybe make a little gil on the side - Solsovly said its still decent there, just slower xp.

RE: Heroes last night, wow what a disappointment this season has been overall. I hate quite a few of the plot lines they have going, and last night was another "setup" episode. This time for the 2 hr mini finale that's happening next week. The problem with this season was they tried to do a remake of season 1, starting back at square one and reintroducing new characters and taking everything slow. This boggles the mind. They had GREAT momentum after the wrap of Season 1, and instead of hopping right back into the thick of things, they decided to flash forward 6 months and slowly reveal things. Weak sauce.

My only hope is that due to the writer's strike, they've had to quickly wrap this current story arc. They might be able to do another half season starting to air in March if the writer's guild settles the strike by the end of December, and if that's the case I hope they have learned their lesson about what their fanbase wants. We don't want slow episodes with new bullshit characters that cry and kill people. We want badass characters you've already developed from last season, coupled with new characters who are rapidly introduced, and an overall plot line that ties everyone together.

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More Beastmaster

Nov. 26th, 2007 | 08:15 am

I didn't really play all that much over the long weekend, but when I did play I was playing bst. Been having a lot of fun lately, really getting the hang of exp in the Torimarai canal. Since I'm getting close to lvl 60, I decided I should go ahead and get the AF3 done - the pants are arguably the nicest piece of AF.

I went 75 nin/bst for the fight, since it pops 2 NM tigers you can charm and one NM undead hound - and only the hound has to be defeated. I charmed one of the tigers and tasked it to fight the other tiger, while I focused on the hound. After I got hate on the hound, I helped my pet finish off the other tiger, and then we both took down the hound. Pretty easy fight this way, glad it worked out - was my first time subbing bst to anything. I probably could have just gone mnk/nin, and hundred fisted the hound down by itself, but I wanted to try and do it with style :)

Picked up lvl 59, and as of last night I'm about halfway to 60. Still using a SH+1 because I sold my Haub awhile back and haven't picked one up yet. I have enough gil to get one, but I'm not convinced the purchase is worth it at this point. For now, I'm almost always wearing the JSE Gaudy Harness while xp'ing in the canal - the mp refresh is just too nice. It kicks in for me anywhere under 49 mp, which I've heard others say is all you really need as bst - and I agree. I just keep regen up almost all the time, remove paralysis & blindna, and keep dia on the mob. Never have to rest, and you can roll continuous chain 3's & 4's, yielding some pretty sweet xp/hr down here - even without xp ring. Nearly 5k/hr solo is hot:

In case other bst's actually read this LJ, I've been loving the little camp @ F-8. There are 4-5 skele spawns here, plus 4 bat spawns. I generally swap the bats in the canal area out to DC/EM, and leave the bats back by "A" on the map at T level - that way I can kill those off on my second chain while waiting for the main group of skele's to respawn. I would advise against using the leeches that are close by, if you mischarm they can Plague your ass - and that shit can take 2+ hours to wear off :(

Limbus: Need Apollyon NE tonight to complete a pop set, and probably do a NW with the extra folks for more coins and to start the next set.

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Nov. 22nd, 2007 | 09:56 pm

Fried me a turkey :P

More Turkey PicsCollapse )

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Weekend Update

Nov. 19th, 2007 | 10:13 am

Had a good weekend, productive too. Went out for Thai and a flick on Friday night, kinda a double date but with another married couple - saw "No Country" from the Coens, fantastic flick. I don't know if it's worth all the praise its garnering, but for what it is it was done extremely well. Guess I didn't care for the ending, especially since it took a long time to get there. The journey was fun tho :)

Got supplies for frying a turkey on Thurdsay, never done one before so wish me luck. I'm following the Alton Brown method, which you can watch on Youtube. Basically brine the turkey overnight, dry it off, then lower the bird into the hot peanut oil out in the middle of my yard. I put together a "Turkey Derrick" as well, using my step ladder and some carabiners as ghetto pulleys, then I just use some rope to raise/lower the turkey - that way I don't have to be right over the hot oil myself. Here's hoping I don't burn down the yard...

Hung out with Pettra on Saturday night, played some more Galaxies and Woods '08 - controls for Woods weren't all that tight, need to play some more to get the hang of it. Watched Pettra play some 60 cap sam/rng on Fenrir - unreal the size of the Ballista they have there, something like 18 v 18. Pettra only died once out of 3 matches, was really owning people with sidewinder and using a byrnie+1 & soboro.

Sunday, I spent far far too long running around doing the series of quests in Windhurst to obtain access to the Torimarai Canal - typical SE. Really not enjoyable to run around for 3 hours, but now I've got access and the xp is great.

Been having to charm these T triple bats and fight T/VT skele's though, so there is a bit of risk. Had one come uncharmed on me, right as I got paralyzed by ice spikes, failed charm = death. Still, the xp/hr is worth it...I wasn't that impressed by Ule[tab] range @ 58, and I had a duo partner @ 59 - said everything was basically T to him, no nice VT snolls. Guess I'll check it out myself at 59, because there weren't that many EM bunnie pets to be had @ lvl 58.

Limbus tonight, and then postponed on Thursday due to holidays. Need a NE to complete our current Omega set, so we'll do that one and probably a NW for coins and another chip to start a new set.

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Nov. 14th, 2007 | 07:49 am

Finally got SMG working on Pettra's Wii - man, it's awesome. Definitely hands down the best game I've played on the Wii, and the most intuitive control scheme. In addition, its friggin' Mario and the graphics are the best for any game on the system. Very impressive. Might just have to go see my pimp and get some cash to buy a Wii now.

Also, if you get any type of motion sickness while playing games, avoid this one lol. You're constantly running upside down and the perspective for what is "up" changes.

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